What is your child protection policy?2013-10-25T12:06:55+00:00

The teachers and staff at Bangalow Swimming School are committed to providing a safe environment for all children.  We will maintain the welfare, safety and well being of all our students and their families during the participation of lessons at our pool.  All our staff, teachers and assistants are trained to recognize signs of child abuse and are committed to following the correct notification procedures when reporting alleged abuse.  All staff must undertake a working with Children Check. Child Protection Policy – Bangalow Swimming School.

Do you have insurance?2013-10-25T12:03:03+00:00

Yes, Bangalow Swimming School has both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What qualifications do your teachers have?2013-10-25T12:02:50+00:00

All swimming teachers are qualified by AUSTSWIM and as part of this certification must annually update their CPR certificates. Their AUSTSWIM qualification must be renewed every three years giving evidence of Professional Development Hours and Practical Teaching Experience.

My child is old enough to attend classes without me being in the pool. Can I drop him off for class and pick him up later?2013-10-25T12:02:26+00:00

No.  Parents must remain at the swimming school for the duration of their child’s lesson.  BSS accepts no responsibility for those children that are not in the swimming pool for a lesson.

At what age can I start my child in swimming classes?2013-10-25T12:02:03+00:00

You can start encouraging your child to swim at any age.  The most important factor is whether you feel comfortable and relaxed with your child in the water.  We strongly recommend learning to swim from 6 months.  At this age, children can start to learn basic underwater breathing techniques, and they are old enough to enjoy the experience and benefit from the exercise.

How do I book a swimming class?2012-07-31T03:53:31+00:00

To book a swimming class, just fill in our online registration form, or phone our receptionist on 6687 2911 or email admin@bangalowswim.com.au. Our receptionist will be able to establish the best class for your child’s age, ability and experience. Please let us know if your child is particularly afraid of water or has had a bad experience in the past, as this will help determine the right class and swimming level.

What should my child wear to class?2012-07-31T03:53:10+00:00

We recommend firm-fitting swimmers with elasticized legs.  Board shorts are not recommended as they hinder leg movement.  Swimming caps are mandatory, in order to maintain our water filtration system at a high standard.

Infants and children who are not toilet-trained are required to wear a disposable swimming nappy such as Huggies Little Swimmers.  Normal disposable nappies and cloth nappies are not permitted as they disrupt the filtration system.

Goggles are optional.  Many children feel more confident about putting their head underwater while they are wearing goggles.

What if I forget my child’s swimming pants/ cap?2012-07-31T03:52:42+00:00

We have swimming pants and caps available for purchase.  You can pay in cash or have the price added to your term fees.

My child is terrified of the water. How can you help?2012-07-31T03:52:16+00:00

Our teachers take a gentle encouraging approach to allow frightened children to overcome their fears naturally through positive experience and trust.

How do I confirm my child’s place?2012-07-31T03:51:42+00:00

Payment of the full fee is confirmation of your child’s place.

What payment methods do you offer?2012-07-31T03:51:13+00:00

We accept cash, cheque, Pay Pal and direct deposit.  You must pay for the full term before the commencement of class.

What is your cancellation policy?2012-07-31T03:50:39+00:00

If you find that Bangalow Swim School does not suit you or your child’s need, we will happily refund all unused lessons.

Can I put my child on a waiting list?2012-07-31T03:50:10+00:00

Yes.  We will call you a few weeks before the start of term to tell you which suitable times we have available

Why is the water so warm?2012-07-31T03:31:38+00:00

We keep our pool water and air temperature warm, as warmer temperatures help babies and young children relax and gain confidence in the water.


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