Hughs lipsBangalow Swimming School is committed to protecting children from abuse and takes a pro-active role in relation to child protection and intervention through the implementation of strategies to help prevent the occurrence of child abuse.  These strategies help foster a safe and positive environment for children who participate in our swimming classes.

Bangalow Swimming School is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and well being of children is maintained at all times during their participation in classes.


All our teachers and other staff are required to undertake the following steps before they are employed at Bangalow Swimming School:

  • Sign the Working With Children disclosure;
  •  Submit to the relevant Government Department checks and clearance;
  • Acknowledge their responsibilities in relation to appropriate behaviour and following accepted procedures when teaching children to swim;
  • Understand the indicators of child abuse and their obligations in regard to child protection.

All clients should feel confident that Bangalow Swimming School offers a safe, supportive and caring environment for children and their families.

Our teachers will provide high quality lessons, encouraging children to learn to swim and become confident while staying safe in the water.

By enrolling children in Bangalow Swimming School, parents/carers are acknowledging and accepting that there will be appropriate physical contact between the teacher and the child